Help & Support

Does the app stores the hidden files online?

Yes. Your hidden pictures and videos get automatically stored to your drive. So even if you forget your password or the app gets deleted. Entire data is securely stored on your drive.

How to hide my photos and videos?

You can do this from the gallery or directly through the application. Also, if you wish the application allows you to click the photograph/create a video directly through the interface and hide it instantly.

How many Pictures and videos I can hide?

There is no limit to the storage. You can hide/lock ‘n’ number of pictures and videos with the app.

How can I set the password for my application?

As soon as you install the application, it asks you to set a new password and a security question. However, if in future you wish to change it, you can do that by going to the setting option from the top right corner of your app.

What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your application’s secret pin, you have an option down below, ‘forgot pin’. Once you click on that the application will allow you to answer the security question and then reset the password.

How can I change my security question?

The option sits right against the option to change the pin. You can anytime change your security question based on your comfort.

In case you still have any issues linked with ‘Keep It Safe’, kindly drop us a mail at [email protected]